Learning, learned

And still learning how to walk new in the love and mercy given me and all the world from God Father of in risen Son for us all to turn to belief in it is done for us. I have tried to not sin again according to what have been taught not to do. By … Continue reading

How hard it is to Just Love All

Why Can we not see LOVE as from the Creator of this entire universe sees it? I am now seeing this 1 john 4:19, We Love because God first Loved us! Well take a look at the entire Bible, and ask self what is it? I see it is A gigantic Love Story of our … Continue reading

Love, what is it?

Is it emotional? Is it just reality? For I know my emotion(s) love to take over and lead me, how about you? Usually I see me get into troubles over my emotional feelings, anyone else? I get angered, do you, I want my way do you? Do you think God feels this way too? Or … Continue reading


I see this: First and foremost, by Son’s done work for us in his death, he then took away sin all sin from his sight, not this world’s or any flesh and blood nature. It Is Finished (John 19:30) he took all sin that brought death out of the way. So once Father sanctified Son … Continue reading