Learning, learned

And still learning how to walk new in the love and mercy given me and all the world from God Father of in risen Son for us all to turn to belief in it is done for us. I have tried to not sin again according to what have been taught not to do. By … Continue reading

traps of the devil by thought(s)

How easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of this world, wanting to be liked, accepted, loved, unconditionally Whew, woe is me as in Isaiah 6:1-6, and to stand in no doubt of God to get us freed with humility Isaiah 7:9 1-9 nine stands out about doubt, Anything that has doubt is … Continue reading


Thanks to Christ, this is done for us all by his death once for all on the cross where reconciliation took place for us all as forgiven from Father through Son. Who came to earth in Spirit and Truth after proof of his resurrection in flesh blood and Spirit to us, by the disciples messages … Continue reading

When God speaks all hear

Overwhelmed with the to-do list is of from this world we all live in, whether in belief or not, It Just is what it is. This world is troublesome. We are in this world as spectators, like watching a football game from the Grandstands. We see what the Refs do not see and make choices … Continue reading


Self control that is not mine it is God’s who has and does preciously share his righteousness, so we can see clearly in agreement to not take away anyone else’s free will Free choice, if chose to do wrong to another, it might be because one does not  understand what’s done for them to walk new in. … Continue reading